If you are from a Municipality or from the government, then this message is exactly for you

Every City should have Public Sports Spaces available for the people to be able to have a continuous sports activity

The investment in Sports spaces is directly connected to improvement of a healthier society – Sports is Health



But mainly to make people happy

But problems like:

Weather Conditions

Lack of space

Long construction time

Expensive solutions

Makes you abandon the idea of creating these Sports Centers that are a social obligation

We have the perfect solution for you

Covered Sports Centers

Sports 365 days a year

Standard dimensions and heights with optimized costs, but also possible to customize according to your specific need

Easy, fast and clean installation methodology with innovative and sturdy materials

Low Cost Solutions

Hold on to your shoes, he have more for you….

Our Concept:


LED Lights

Sports Flooring Systems

Choose your Sports Flooring, Choose the use of your Sports Center

One Sport , Multi Sport or… Multi use…. Your Choice!!

LED Lights

Better Light

Less Consumption

More Durable


Hold on!!


We still have more for you!!

Fully portable Structure to protect your investment

Turn Key Solution

Only one company to deal with!!